Converting Idle Separator to a Scavenger Unit Saves the Day

Innovative idea to turn an idle 4 phase separator into a horizontal scavenger vessel provides an immediate and successful solution for the customer.

Modular Glycol Dehydration Unit Increases Run Time

There’s something about a customer calling you at 7pm seeking assistance on a current project they have going on and you’re able to deliver a solution by 10am the next morning. It’s gratifying.

Introducing The BOLD Blog

This crazy market has presented us with so many challenges. One of them being, “How do we stay connected with our customers, potential customers, and colleagues?”

H2S Scavenging Costs Reduced with Non Triazine SGT-281

The anticipation of a new project with a new customer left us (and our customer) nothing less than anxious. 

Mobile Total Flow Coolers Reduce Costs and Emissions

Cost Savings. This will be a topic of conversation for quite some time. That’s ok though, because BOLD has a solution.