Converting Idle Separator to a Scavenger Unit Saves the Day

We often get calls requesting an immediate solution, however, with this specific customer’s application, we were up against time securing the right sized treating vessel.   So what do you do when a customer calls you to provide a solution to their gas treating needs, yet you don’t have any inventory at that time to support them?  Do you tell them “Sorry, we can’t help” or “Let’s revisit when then market gets better”?  Do you refer them to your competitor?

Absolutely, NOT.

This very thing happened to us about a month ago and we did not choose any of the responses above.  We chose to figure it out and provide them a solution.  Afterall, we are solution providers, right?

A customer approached us with a gas treating application in the Delaware Basin that required a 96” vertical treating tower.  Unfortunately, we did not have any left in stock and were unable to purchase any in time to meet their treating deadline.  Of-course we entered a little panic mode and a little “challenge accepted” mode.  Our entire BOLD Team put their super innovative thinking caps on and went to work.

The caps worked because they came up with the idea to use one of our idle 4 phase separators.  Now, I know what you’re thinking….”a 4 phase separator is not set up to become a scavenger vessel.  Internals are engineered differently, connections are different, completely different application, etc.”  This was the very thought of our Engineering Team too.  “There’s no way this will work.”  Even our customer had reservations because this has never been done before!

As Management, Operations, and Engineering put the pen to the drawings, their ideas were coming to life a little more.  All while Sales is promising the customer we WILL have a solution (with a little hesitation of course).

Our Thunder Woody, NACE 270# 94”x 34’ 4 phase horizontal separator was the new science project we had to figure out.  When we originally designed this unit, we wanted it to become the most versatile unit in our flowback and well testing fleet.  Applicable for frac assist, drill outs, second stage separation, weathering of product, and a fully functioning 4 phase separator.   This is how we’ve marketed this unit since it was created, with no knowledge it’d ever be a trial for an H2S scavenger vessel.

Here are the minor modifications we made:

  • Modified Inlet/Outlet piping
  • Engineered new Inlet Sparger that spans the length of the vessel to the Spent Solution Bucket
  • Added a pump for dosing
  • Dedicated drain lines for main bath and spent solution bucket

In just two weeks, we were able to convert the first Thunder Woody into a Flex unit and send to location.  Once set and rigged up, we were treating gas in <24 hours.  The full scale telemetry also provided our customer with real time flow data and the ability to monitor their outlet PPM ensuring they are staying at/below contracted spec.

Needless to say, the conversion worked!

(Did I mention this unit is already trailer mounted?  So logistics was simplified utilizing a tractor to haul and set on location.  No big trucks or cranes needed.  This was another advantage point that saved our customer money.  Love when that happens, don’t you?)

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