What We Do

Bold Productions Services LLC provides oil and natural gas treating, processing and production solutions for producers, midstream companies and oilfield service companies. Since inception in 2013, our fleet has grown to over 700 assets. Bold brings a unique blend of products, services, and technology to our customers by leveraging our extensive experience in the oil and gas industry.

Bold delivers ease of installation and operation, on demand service, and best in class safety across all of our products.  We strive to engineer our products by using state of the art technology which maximizes runtime and visibility for our customers 24/7/365.

Bold is committed to our customers and the environment by focusing on practices to reduce our carbon footprint.  We continually improve the engineering and design of our products and services to help our customers produce cleaner energy.

Bold prioritizes the health and safety of our customers, employees, communities, and environment by maintaining a culture based on our core values of accountability, responsibility, and respect.

Product Highlights

Bold’s Treating and Processing product line (B-Sweet) provides turnkey solutions for our customers. We provide modular H2S scavenger systems, a proprietary non-triazine based H2S scavenging chemical, tri-ethylene glycol to remove water vapor from natural gas streams, mobile total flow coolers and modular glycol dehydration units.

Bold’s completion and production product line (B-In-Flight) offers four phase test separation packages, line heaters, sand traps, and flares.

We provide engineering design, project management, installation, operations, and support for all of our equipment.