ESG Initiative: The Value of the FLEX Treating Solution

Bold developed the FLEX (Flare Extinguisher) as a solution to decrease emissions on H2S treating locations during preventative maintenance or any upset scenario.

Modular Glycol Dehydration Unit Increases Run Time

There’s something about a customer calling you at 7pm seeking assistance on a current project they have going on and you’re able to deliver a solution by 10am the next morning. It’s gratifying.

H2S Scavenging Costs Reduced with Non Triazine SGT-281

The anticipation of a new project with a new customer left us (and our customer) nothing less than anxious. 

Mobile Total Flow Coolers Reduce Costs and Emissions

Cost Savings. This will be a topic of conversation for quite some time. That’s ok though, because BOLD has a solution.