Mobile Total Flow Coolers Reduce Costs and Emissions

Cost Savings.  This will be a topic of conversation for quite some time.  That’s ok though, because BOLD has a solution.

Let’s talk coolers.  Gas coolers and liquid coolers…the industry standard has been a conventional skid mounted gas or liquid cooling unit that is powered by an engine driven motor that is attached to it.  We thought, “How can we reduce our customer’s costs with this type of product?”

Logistics, telemetry, maintenance fleet, safety…these were all important measures we looked at.

A). Conventional Cooling Units will cost thousands of dollars to mobilize.  You need either a winch truck or a large double drop trailer with a crane to load and offload, yet still have to pay for a permit load.  Those are substantial costs our Customers had to worry about.  What happens if a cooler is set and the well ends up needing an intervention?  Guess what, that truck and crane have to come back out, wait, and reset.  That’s right…sky rocketing costs incur, including down time that nobody can afford right now.  Then what happens if the cooler needs to be moved to a new well?  Same costs.  See the pattern?

BOLD SOLUTION? Our B-Cool Total Flow Mobile Coolers are on trailers that can be hauled with a 3/4 ton (F-250).  The trailer connection is a standard 2 5/16 gooseneck ball.  This simplified logistics for our Customer and eliminated thousands of dollars they would typically incur.

B). Conventional Cooling Units have their own engine driven motor attached to each unit.  This means multiple PM’s, and emissions from each unit. On a 9 well pad with 9 BOLD Coolers we will have one natural gas generator with 1 PM.  The conventional approach is 9 skid or block mounted coolers with 9 engines that will all need PMs and the emission footprint is a note-worthy topic for most Operators.

BOLD SOLUTION?  We have mobile natural gas powered electric generators that we can deploy and have the capability to power up to 9 mobile coolers.  That’s 1 PM and substantial emissions reduction (i.e 9 conventional coolers will have 9 sources of emissions vs 9 BOLD total flow coolers with 1 mobile natural gas generator; having 1 source of emissions)

C). Conventional Cooling Units may not all have redress documentation and updated certifications.  Nor will they all be equipped with the robust technology to monitor flow data 24/7/365.

BOLD SOLUTION?   SAFETY is key.  With our B-Cool Fleet being new and still growing, the tube quality and piping infrastructure is superior.  In addition, we provide all redress documentation and certifications on each unit before they deploy.  Also, each unit has full scale telemetry where you can monitor, inlet/outlet pressure and temperature, ambient temperature, vibration, and VFD speed.   This can eliminate the need/liability for manpower on location to check cooler status.

There are so many “cool” features to this product and the fact that we have reduced our Customer’s project expenses on a rental asset, service costs, and emissions is a big win for both parties!

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