H2S Scavenging Costs Reduced with Non Triazine SGT-281

The anticipation of a new project with a new Customer left us (and our Customer) nothing less than anxious.  Out in God’s Country, the Permian Basin, is where the setting of the project is.  Who attended the party?  BOLD HSE, Sales, Operations, Engineering, I&E, and even upper management.  That’s right…even our CEO had to be a part of this new and exciting adventure we are experiencing.  Afterall, he couldn’t let us have all the fun!

A little background on this customer…They needed a solution to reduce chemical costs while increasing safety, and efficiencies.  The previous chemical vender wasn’t economical on the volume that they needed to treat, and contract specifications were becoming more stringent.  In addition, our design was more robust with more options for disposal versus their current infrastructure.  The bonus factor was that we were able to provide a turnkey solution which was a breath of fresh air for our Customer.  It was almost like winning the lottery during a time in our industry when our Customers’ are all understaffed and hopeful that Vendor/Partners can step up their game.

Who, in today’s market isn’t interested in saving money??  ANY TAKERS?.  From the cost/lb of sulfur removed, to the modularity, to the telemetry, operational execution, we crushed the cost savings!!

Take a look at this timeline.  Notice how much is done in 6 hours??  This is due to the modular design of the unit, our dedicated Service Team, and our Customer that was ready for us to move in and get to work.  #efficient

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The Timeline

8:00 AM – BOLD arrived on location
8:15 AM – JSA complete
8:20 AM – Crane mobilize
8:30 AM – Truck on location
9:15 AM – Main skid set
9:30 AM – Spent solution scrubber offloaded
9:40 AM – Inlet/outlet flanges bolted up
9:50 AM – Spent solution scrubber set in place
9:50 AM – PSVs bolted up
10:00 AM – Skids bolted together
10:00 AM – Inlet/outlet piping complete
10:20 AM – Tower stood
10:45 AM – Chemical make-up tank and stand set
11:10 AM – Tubing complete
11:30 AM – CTS mechanically complete
12:15 PM – Chemical make-up tank filled with 800 gallons
1:45 PM – I&E complete
2:00 PM – Contactor filled with 4200 gallons and BOLD off location

Customer is ready to open up and start treating!!

This is the first of many installs/projects we’ll be blogging about!  Each will present a new challenge and we welcome it.