B-Cool: Total Flow Coolers

B-Cool Overview

Mobile Total Flow Coolers are used to reduce gas and liquid temperatures to meet downstream process requirements as well as optimize production streams to produce more oil and natural gas. Bold’s Mobile Total Flow Coolers are forced draft, trailer mounted packages that are powered by an electric motor. Power can be provided via electric co-op or natural gas power generation systems provided by Bold.

How it Works

The process flow enters the cooler through the inlet piping at trailer edge. It flows to the top of the cooler into the header box where it passes through the coils. The system monitors outlet temperature and adjusts the fan speed and louver position to maintain the desired set temperature. The flow then exits the cooler through the outlet piping also at trailer edge. Through this design, customers can safely cool their process flow, reduce associated costs, and maximize the efficiency of the overall production system.

The Bold Advantage


  • Utilizes cloud-based platform to remotely monitor operations providing real time data, alarms, and reporting
  • Our cooler fleet is NACE compliant, built to ASME Code, and abides by NEC Class 1 Div. 2 regulations
  • All components of the cooler package are trailer mounted, accessible to transport with a 2 5/16” gooseneck trailer hitch or a kingpin connection. The trailer mounted capability reduces installation cost, time, safety exposure, as well as reduced freight cost
  • Ability to maintain consistent desired outlet temperature
  • The coolers are efficiently engineered to be configured with 10’ spacing or less for multiple coolers, which reduces the customer’s overall footprint on location.

Environmental Impact

  • By utilizing Bold’s B-Cool environmentally sustainable fleet, the customer can reduce NOX emissions by 95%, using one 165kW generator to power up to 8 coolers in contrast to conventional natural gas engine driven coolers.