B-Chem: Non-Triazine H2S Chemical Scavengers

B-Chem: Non-Triazine Based H2S Scavengers

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) scavenging is the process of removing H2S from natural gas streams to maintain pipeline integrity and safety.  Bold’s proprietary chemical, SGT-281, is our marquee non-triazine based scavenger, and we also offer two other non-triazine based solutions, FEC-50 and FEC-70. Similarly, Bold provides an H2S liquid scavenger to treat H2S found in produced oil, FEC-40.  Bold provides a full-service solution using all scavengers with Bold’s B-Treat equipment, or the scavengers can also be utilized with customer owned equipment.

How it Works

H2S rich gas enters a contact tower where it flows through a fluid bed of SGT-281, FEC-50, or FEC-70. The treated gas stream exits the contact tower and flows into a spent solution scrubber where spent chemical is dropped out and the sweet gas exits the gas outlet. The non-hazardous spent chemical is sent through a common or dedicated facility drain line.

Our oil scavenging solution, FEC-40, is typically used in a direct injection method, where chemical is pumped into the production separators at the facility.

The Bold Advantage


    • Utilizes a cloud-based platform to remotely monitor operations providing real time data, alarms, and reporting
    • More efficient operations by diagnosing alarms and the health of the units before going to location
    • Improved safety and reduced man hours on location
    • Improved efficiency over conventional chemicals
    • Reliable logistics and storage solutions

Environmental Impact

  • Environmentally friendly, non-hazardous H2S scavenger chemical as compared to triazine and other granular scavangers
  • Safe by-product for ease of disposal