B-Heat: Line Heaters

B-Heat Overview

Line Heaters are used with high-pressure natural gas streams to counteract the cooling effect when the gas pressure is reduced to sales line Pressure or needed pressure. The reduction in pressure causes a Joule-Thomson (JT) effect. The JT effect causes rapid cooling of the gas stream, which can result in hydrate formation. Line Heaters can also be used to heat and stabilize oil to aid in separation and fluid movement.

The Bold Advantage


  • Annual UT/PSV Recertification Program
  • Heater is packaged in accordance with ASME B31.3
  • Process coil is sour service ready
  • Level safety low
  • High temp shut down
  • Telemetry (Optional)

Modular Design/Value Adds

  • Unit is skid mounted & self-contained
  • 22 pass cushion coil system, 4”, 6,000#
  • Burner management system with electronic ignition for safe operations
  • Includes expansion tank, removable fire tube & hinge stack
  • Burner runs on fuel gas or propane supply


  • Complimentary Start up and commissioning services
  • 24/7/365 field service support/troubleshooting
  • PFD and engineering support
  • Performance curves available