B-Hot: Flare Stacks

B-Hot Overview

A Flare Stack is an elevated vertical stack used for burning unusable waste gas in a variety of oil and gas production applications. The gas flaring process typically takes place when it is uneconomical to retain the waste gas. BOLD’s Flare Stacks are trailer mounted and equipped with hydraulic assist. Our units are NACE compliant, 6” x 60’ in size and furnished with a 25 MMSCF/D Standard Burner Tip.

The Bold Advantage


  • NACE Compliant

Modular Design/Value Adds

  • Hydraulic Lift; Trailer Mounted
  • Integrated Knockout Pot
  • Electric Ignitor
  • Dual Connections
  • Quad O Compliant Smokeless Tip and Standard Tip available


  • Complimentary Start up and commissioning services
  • 24/7/365 field service support/troubleshooting
  • PFD and engineering support
  • Performance curves available