B-Treat: Amine Plants

B-Treat Overview

Amine Plants are used to remove CO2 & H2S from high/low-pressure natural gas streams for protecting pipeline systems and gas marketability. Bold’s amine plants are modular with skid mounted high pressure gas trains, skid mounted regeneration equipment, and telemetry which includes CO2 and H2S monitoring.

How it Works

Sour gas enters the amine plant at the filter separator to remove particulates that could contaminate the amine system. The gas then flows into the contactor tower ascending through the bubble cap trays and passes through the descending amine. Sweet gas flows from the top of the tower, through the after scrubber to recover any amine carryover, and exits the system. The amine solution is now considered rich and is carrying absorbed acid gases. The rich amine is passed through a regeneration cycle where it is conditioned to a lean state for recirculation.

The Bold Advantage


  • Telemetry – cloud based field monitoring
  • Redced man hours on location
  • ASME Code SEC 8 Div 1
  • Annual PSV recertification program

Modular Design

  • Skid mounted components
  • Reduced trucking and installation cost/time/exposure
  • Minimizes foot print


  • BOLD certified operators/technicians
  • Preventative Maintenance performed by BOLD personnel
  • In-house process engineering and technical support
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning by BOLD personnel