Glen Wind

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As CEO of Bold, Glen’s main focus is growing shareholder value by developing a corporate strategy and direction for the company along with building and leading the senior executive team. Glen is responsible for setting the company’s culture, core values and behavior towards Bold’s customers.

Glen founded Zephyr Gas Services in April 2006 to provide a modular skid mounted gas treating equipment solution. He served as CEO and participated on the board of directors. Zephyr provided new, high quality equipment where there was a void in the market in the 60, 100 and 400 gpm amine plants. Its patented, modular, skid-mounted designs provided superior options to permanent plants which require long term construction. Zephyr was acquired by Regency Energy Partners (Energy Transfer Midstream) in September of 2010. Prior to starting Zephyr Glen was the Managing Sales Director of the Gulf Coast for Hanover Compressor Company now Exterrran. Glen was instrumental in the development and growth of Hanover’s Oil and Gas Production, Treating and Processing business unit.

Glen graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BBA degree.